Frequently Asked Questions


Who can invest?

Retail and Wholesale investors including Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Foreign investors should also check your local jurisdiction restrictions. Eligibility to invest is subject to the discretion of Vestabyte.

What is a Retail Investor?

What is a Wholesale Investor?

I am a foreign investor. Can I invest?

What is an offer?

What is an offer document?

How do I Invest?

How do I become an Accredited Investor?

What identification do I need?

What is the minimum I can invest?

How does the minimum contribution apply?

What are the fees?

How do I transfer funds?

Do I get a share certificate?

What is a unit certificate?

What types of investments do you offer?

What is an Equity investment?

What is a Preferred Equity investment?

What is Debt investment?

How do I know if the investment is Equity, Preferred Equity or Debt?

How long is the investment period?

What rights do investors have?

What returns can I expect?

When are dividends or returns paid?

Does the crowd have a say in the strategy or management of any investment?

What if I change my mind once I have invested?

Is there a cooling off period? 

What liquidity is there?

Can I sell my units if want to cash out of the investment before it has started/finished?

How can I track my investment?

I need some guidance. How do I get in touch?

What if I have a complaint?

How long will you take to respond?

What happens if Vestabyte shuts down?

What are the risks?

What is Due Diligence?

What Due Diligence do we undertake?

Who are our industry advisors and what are their roles?

What is diversification?

How are the projects insured? What if there is a circumstance that ruins the project?

Are you an investor looking for investment opportunities?

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