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Investment toward a democratised economy

Vestabyte is reshaping the traditional power structures by empowering people with the same opportunities as the elite.

Transparent Investment

Invest into vetted ventures and property developments. Knowing exactly where your money is going, what it is going to be used for and who is using it.

Crowd Investment

The practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Empowering individuals

We give investors the ability to take control of their own investment destiny by presenting opportunities that we previously available to wholesale investor only.


A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is provided for each investment, that contains information about a financial product.


Piece of mind of having an independent custodian with which the Fund is contracting to provide safekeeping services in respect of the Fund’s assets.


Vestabyte is an authorised representative (AFSR No.001248081) of Australian Financial Services Licensee, Investors Exchange Limited (AFSL 299024), and as such we adhere to strict regulatory guidelines. 

Due Diligence

All deals are subjected to rigorous assessment against a set criteria in order to confirm all the facts and figures.  

Investor Relations

Open lines of communication between the business and investors, throughout the investment lifecycle.


Provide a range of exciting investment opportunities, from the unique to the niche, to the more conventional. 

Current Investment Offerings


Nature Pacific

Investors Exchange LimitedQueensland, AUS
  • CategoryBusiness
  • Goal$250,000
  • Minimum$100.00
  • Term5 Years
  • Days left0
Investment complete

Hunt Street Stage 1

Hunt Street Pty LtdVictoria, AUS
  • CategoryResidential
  • Goal$250,000
  • Minimum$2,000.00
  • Term3 Years
  • Days left0

How It Works



...from a large number of available investment opportunities listed on the platform.



...the Product Disclosure Statement of your potential investment.



…complete the accreditation process via dashboard, accreditation or click here.


INVEST clicking "READY TO INVEST" on the Offer page, complete a transaction and transfer the desired investment amount.

Investment Structure

The Vestabyte Investment Platform operates as a sub­-trust within the Investors Exchange Fund (ARSN 127 384 767), a registered managed investment scheme.  The Fund offers you the ability to select which Venture to invest in. By choosing a particular Offer, you can select an investment which suits your particular goals and objectives rather than being exposed to a pool of assets, some of which you may not find suitable for you.


You will be provided with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for each investment, that contains information about a financial product, including any significant benefits and risks, the cost of the financial product and the fees and charges that the financial product issuer may receive. These measures ensure potential investors have the information necessary to conduct their own research and due diligence, therefore empowering the investors to make their own investment decisions.
Read our FAQ for more information.

Our Success Comes From Our Customers' Success

"As Australia's first true Crowd Investment Platform, Vestabyte made investing in property accessible to a small investor like myself ready to diversify their portfolio. The communication and customer service provided has been outstanding.

Liz - Investor, Mum and Maths Teacher from Sydney
Read our FAQ for more information.